Excerpt: When Fate Speaks Big Time

Chapter 1

She suddenly remembered the mysterious white envelope that Rick gave her. Silently, she was bewildered and she articulated in her mind. I think it is a wedding invitation but who is his bride? He is single for all I know. Is this. . .

She shook her head, immediately opened the mystery, and it reads:

See you on Saturday. I will pick you up at 8pm.


P.S. Don’t worry about Tito Bobby and Tita Sam. They knew about this.

Is this an invitation for a date? Reese’s mind expressed shock. She cannot believe that the man she knew since childhood would ask her to be his date.

Wednesday Night – Reese’s room

The room’s ambience was tranquil; the bed was at the right side resting on the wall. She was seating at the beautiful chair in front of the bedside desk wherein pin-up pictures were found in a mini bulletin board resting on the desk.

Reese began her quest for employment by registering to Jobstreet.com. She filled each item that was needed and clicked submit. She browsed and applied for every job that she thought she qualified. When she clicked the apply button, she heard a doorbell from her space. Intrigued, she opened her window, took a peek, and saw no one. When she heard her dad pronounced her name, she immediately walked towards the living room.

“Rick? What are you doing here?” She inquired with furrowed forehead.

“I am here to visit Nay. Where is she?” Rick, on a white tee and black shorts, asked.

“Oh. . .”

“Have you read the mystery?” Rick winked.

“Yes.” While nodding twice, she replied.

“The answer is?” He asked while glancing at her intensely.

“Why?”  Reese inquired while using her signature clueless look.

“It’s because I want to. So. . .” He replied.

“Ok. If you can’t give me a precise reason, the answer is no.” Reese pouted.

“Ok. No it is.” Rick smiled and winked at her. “But if you change your mind, which normally happens, give me a call.”

“Hey! Childhood friend! I will not call you. . . Over my dead sexy body!” She laughed while tapping Rick’s left shoulder.

“Hey, it is not friend. It’s childhood sweetheart! Well, I am the one who is calling you then, Manang Pia!” He grinned.

Reese’s grandmother entered the room and smiled at the two.

“Rick, dito ka na maghapunan. (Rick, have dinner here.)” Her grandma offered.

Rick paid respect to the old lady by putting his forehead on the hand of Reese’s grandma. “Mano po, Nay!”

“Call your mom Rick so that we could start eating.” Samantha said and Rick called his mom and they had dinner with the Castillo’s.

At the dinner table, Samantha and Ruby were talking while Rick and Reese shared a cake for dessert.

“You, two, look good together.” Ruby suddenly said.

Reese caught Rick staring at her and she poked him at the right cheek.