BlogEx Manila: Help Me Spread #CerebralPalsyAwareness

Last August 22, I got an email from Brand Philosophy Inc. that my blog,, has been nominated for Best Blogger for Advocacy on BlogEx Manila 2016 Awards!

What is BlogEx Manila 2016?

BlogEx Manila 2016 is a joint project between Tag Media Public Relations and Brand Philosophy Inc.

The event aims to bring together the country’s premiere bloggers, social media enthusiasts, digital broadcasters, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, and influential new media experts in one location.


BlogEx Awards?

2016 will be the pioneering batch of the BlogEx Manila Awards.

The BlogEx Manila Awards has been created to recognize true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of industries, as well as awarding 2 sub-categories: Best Storyteller and Most Innovative award.


How can you help me spread Cerebral Palsy Awareness?

  1. Vote for me to be the Best Blogger for Advocacy:
  2. Encourage your friends to vote too by sharing this link on your social media accounts:
  3. Buy my books to fund my Green Ribbon Campaign
  4. Help me by signing up on  a blog tour on Cerebral Palsy Awareness this October.
  5.  Invite me to speak to the youth to encourage them to be the best that they can be.
  6. Invite me to speak to churches to spread the Gospel and help me spread awareness
  7. Invite me to speak to companies.

Cerebral Palsy has been a blessing in disguise for me. It molded me to be what I am now, a strong woman of God!

-Racquel Sarah A. Castro


#HeistClub The Launch: A Surreal Reality

I couldn’t believe that I sign my own books!

Being with those talented people was enough for me to praise God for giving me wisdom as I reminisced writing for #HeistClub last October. I was so blessed meeting Yeyet, Mark, Michael and Magsi for they were the core group of #HeistClub The Launch. We consulted Mina about it before pushing it through. I will have to take you to the planning stage  on my next blog. For the mean time, let me take you to the day itself.

June 25, 2016. I woke up at 8am with a smile on my face. THIS IS IT! Our big day!

We have a Facebook meeting that  day for the instructions and other final stuff.

We left Laguna at 3PM. I sent a text message to Mark before leaving the house. After enduring the traffic, we arrived in Megamall at exactly 5:00 PM. We have to walk from Megamall to the Podium with 60 cupcakes and 20 books. EXERCISE! Oh yes!

We arrived at The Study. Pach saw us. I hugged her (Yata). I spotted A. HAHA! At the back of my mind, I asked, “Is that Aeus?” HAHA. I wanted to approach him agad but I have to register. Haha!

I  registered, took a mug-shot (My first and last time ahaha) and saw #romanceclaas authors, I hugged them all. Thanks Anne, Carla, Tara, Pach and MILES. I saw Caryn too!

I saw the stunning authors of #heistclub: Georgette, Arlene, Justine, Ana (Chris Nava), Irene, Mark, Yeyet, Bianca Mori!

I have the privilege to have a photo op with two of  my most favorite friends, A and Yeyet.

I had to go to a secret room to sign some stuff. The production staff has been superb on establishing a #Heist ambiance . . .  Very blessed with Magsi and GPicks!

I have to say that we have organized a very successful book launch. The program started with the trailer made by Chi and Gette!

Although we didn’t follow the program as it is, I am very blessed to be with talented people.

Here is the program.

  • Introduction by Giselle “Magsi” Bacalla of GPicks
  • Opening Remarks by Mina V. Esguerra
  • Film Trailer: CRIMANIMAL BY Direk Aris Cuevas (It was move somewhere.)
  • Message from FH Batacan, Author of Smaller and Smaller Circles

Q & A with Why We Run Authors:

Mental block kept me from answering well. Let me redeem myself soon. (Haha)

Who could forget ANNE PLAZA’S Hash tag ABS! (It haunted me for days) ahahha Instead of cheese, the heistclub attendees were familiar in “SAY ABS” on every photo op

Michael arrived at the middle of the Q&A! Finally! We were grilled and I think, they did well. Haha as for me, with so much people in front of me, i have to be relax muna i guess.

Jacq from The Study was supposed to speak but we cannot find her so we have to move on with the Q&A of the What We Hide Authors.

Maita took the center stage to explain Talecraft. She also have a trivia game about archetypes.

What We Fear Authors were next on the grilling high chairs.

We, the organizers, have made a SPONSOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT by thanking the people who help us pull #HeistClub The Launch a very successful and unforgettable experience.

Open Q&A was next and somewhat I regained my composure and answer the questions with flying colors and warm applause.

While they were doing the raffle, we, authors mingled with the guests. I couldn’t even believe that Mina was actually requesting me to sign my book! She also advised me to have a ballpen. I will keep that in mind, Mina. I love you!

I met the people of bookbed (Finally!) Thanks KB and Allana! Nice meeting you finally!

I also thank Aeus, my #romanceclass2016 consultant and Yeyet’s betareader. ahaha He doesn’t love to read until he met us. Yeyet and I forced him to read ahaha (sorry A but thank you for supporting me and Yeyet

I also met JOY of JMD!!! Thanks Joy for the freebies!!

Maita of Talecraft…  my JustwritePH co-author, Thank you for the freebies . . .

John OF buqo. (alden, ahaha may utang ka selfie sa akin kala mo ahaha)

I was so overwhelmed to sign books haha (my own books)…  Can we have more of these?

To Yeyet, Mama Lelen, and Bes Andrea, THANK YOU FOR PROVIDING! I LOVE YOU!

Lastly, i want to thank Kwisshy’s Cupcake Haven for the support you gave me. Thank you Tin! I LOOVE YOU!

Thanks Mommy Tet, Mama Lelen, Inay and Papa Bernie for being there! To Daddy, thank you for the prayers. I LOVE YOU!

To those who bought my book and sent me feedback, hope you could pray for me. Pray for another workshop for me. I want to learn more. To everyone who hugged me, that encouraged me to write more for God.

Have a #Heist Good Day Everyone!

I hope you will buy books from Filipino Authors.


Father God, I want to offer this launch to You. It is for Your Glory!

Are you ready for #HEISTCLUB?

Trailer by: Chi Yu Rodriguez and Georgette S. Gonzales

#HeistClub The Launch FB Page| RSVP Here

Join us and meet me and my fellow authors responsible for 16 new crime fiction stories. June 25, 6 to 9 PM at The Study @ Podium. ‪#‎thestudyph ‪#‎theresalottolearn‬ ‪#‎GPicks‬ ‪#‎thebestpicksonline‬



The Real Me: An Autobiography is now available


Hope House Centre opens the option to order through Western Union. (This option is open to those who wants to order copies less than 100)

Tweet from Hope House Centre

You just have to tweet them on Twitter or comment on their page on Facebook.

Hope House Centre in Twitter

Hope House Centre in Facebook

They will send you details regarding your orders. Group orders are encouraged 🙂

Seed of Faith: Sharing my graduation speech

Seed of Faith

Once there was a girl, living the dream she aspired to accomplish. she had rough times but she trusted God.  Graduation Video. Be blessed and thank God after watching this. God bless you!

Trust God in all your endeavors. Pray and move mountains with Him.

Green Ribbon Campaign – Crumpled: A Short Read

I published a very short read in Wattpad.

Crumpled is all about recycling and paper cutting. Edited by one of my dear friends, Yeyet Soriano, it is part of my advocacy on Cerebral Palsy Awareness. I started the novel advocacy on my first novel, When Fate Speaks Big Time. I will give  Free eBook promo before April 17 to celebrate #AprilFeelsDay.

You can read it here