#APRILFEELSDAY: A Morale Booster

April 17, 2016 – Pegi Waffles, San Juan City.


The community of romance class authors and readers organized #APRILFEELSDAY to celebrate the love for romance books. It started by an announcement of having #romanceclass2016 where I am currently enrolled.

On March 14, #AprilFeelsDay Photo A Day Challenge was announced together with  how to register and the event’s FAQs. I personally enjoyed the photo challenge on instagram  where authors and readers share a particular daily theme. Check the #AprilFeelsDay on Instagram to see what we posted.


Photo Grabbed from Romance Class Blog

I wasn’t that sure if I could come or not so I didn’t register. But God really wanted me there. He made a way for me to be there through Mama Lelen (My mom’s sister) and Papa Bernie (her hubby).

It was Saturday afternoon of April 16 when she confirmed that I am going to attend the event.

Sunday morning, I even attended JCRBCC’s morning worship service. I didn’t attend the Bible Study after that to prepare for the event.

Personally, I needed a morale boost because of what happened to me the last three months. I even considered to quit writing but God used people to encourage me. Thank you everyone!

The time has come when I heard Mom calling me, “Andyan na sina Mama mo.” That was when i began to smile. Personally, I wanted to see the persons behind C.P. Santi (I promise Car to be at the event) and of course, #NATGIOWEEKEND, Gio Gahol. (Haha Sorry sis. Forgive me)

When I arrived, I saw familiar faces. Yeyet Soriano, my dear friend, assisted me to register. I saw and hugged Tara Frejas! I met Pach!  I saw sis Six delos Reyes, Author of Just for the Record… Well, I was introduced to Miles Tan! Haha… I love her… I even bumped in to Bianca Mori! and Chris Mariano! and Stella Torres! ANA TEJANO! Ines Bautista Yao… Agay Llanera . . .  CHRISSIE PERIA! OMG! oh yes . . .  Jay E. Tria! of course, MINA V. ESGUERRA. I saw all of them… Haha #FANGIRLING

I was a bit thrilled to see my fellow #JUSTWRITEPH, #SPARKNA, and #BuqoYA Authors. Mark Manalang, Lee Miyaki. Beth G. and Cris I saw my dear friends. Carla de Guzman was so busy for the book sale. NIki, Me and Yet were reunited. Jesse Ikaw na lang kulang…

But no traces of Gio Gahol. LOL. Although I miss the poetry  reading, I was just in time for the LIVE READING. YES.

I saw Herv Alvarez and Salve Villarosa sitting in front of me. I was timid ahaha yes shy to say hi. LOL

live reading actors

L to R : Herv, Salve, Rachel, Gio, and Jef

PHOTO Grabbed From MVE’s Instagram

It was their turn to do the live reading.

Read by Herv and Salve

Settle the Score by Tara Frejas (http://bit.ly/SettleScore)
Picture Me Naked by D.R. Lee from Luna East vol 1 (http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/94013059-f533-42ea-bd04-b726172e2c65)
Choco Chip Hips by  Agay Llanera (http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/913be9f0-78c8-404d-a698-31ee07966be5)

When they finished, I saw Gio, Jef and Rachel. My smile came natural. ahaha

Read by Rachel and Jef:

That Kind of Guy (http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/8f6aa80f-b740-4025-ba75-97e9043d66a4)
One Night at the Palace Hotel by Bianca Mori(http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/04af5813-65aa-4598-b245-b2162a41d299)
Songs to Get Over You by Jay E. Tria(http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/0c91d96c-9462-4059-8f1d-8401497acb1a)

Rachel as Julie and Jill… and Con and sue while Jef as MIKI . . . wow… just wow!

Read by Rachel and Gio:

Welcome to Envy Park (http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/99447994-b4fe-4b48-8436-3adb28b55454)
The Real Score by Kessica Tanglao (http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/403956a9-73cc-423a-b65a-1681b086aeca)
All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie M. Peria(http://buqo.ph/Sh…/Book/c9f53e5c-dd44-440a-99d2-c2867b449e85)

I went to see Car and hugged her.

I really enjoyed Gio as Ethan, Gio as Dave (SPELL SWAG) and Gio as Marcus British superstar!

At the end of my stay, almost everyone hugged me. T’was a day i would remember for the rest of my life. I was in the same room with very talented writers and actors!



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